Richard Gomez, Karma, Proyecto Fusion

Making History

Karma, the most influential Dominican Rock band in the early 70’s, and Proyecto Fusion the best rock-fusion band in the early 80’s, is making history with this album release.

Two Bands…One Vinyl!

“Karma/Proyecto Fusion Live” is a compilation of songs and compositions written by Richard Gomez and performed by two legendary Dominican Rock bands from the 1970’s.

The album is beautifully crafted and designed.

A masterpiece of production, mixing, mastering and disc cutting that took years in the making.

Mastering by Bernie Grundman to a superb audiophile pressings by Record Technology Incorporated (RTI).

Superior direct-to-board printed jacket with high quality inserts by Stoughton Printing Company.

This album is the first publication of two bands that represent great historical significance for Dominican Rock Music